How hard is it to sell a junk vehicle on craigslist?

Craigslist is a great platform to sell a lot of things, except for cars. A vehicle is a liability and liabilities should not be taken lightly. The day has come and your old trusty car has been driven to the ground, or maybe you are just tired of it. Whatever the reason is for trying to get rid of your vehicle, you’ll most likely have one question on your mind. How can get rid of my old junker? Well you will probably think that craigslist is the best option, your best shot for the dollar right? Nothing has to be paid to sell your vehicle and you have the possibility to reach a large amount of private buyers that will pay the most for your car. It’s the best option right? You should think again. Let's take a look at the different scenarios that you’ll most likely encounter when trying to sell your vehicle on craigslist.


Steps to Junk My Car in Portland OR

Gather Your Possessions
This is a big part of the preparation to sell your vehicle to FC JUNK CAR REMOVAL. It is most likely the hardest but most important part of the process. Cars can become a second house for some of us so it is not surprising if you have some of your most important possessions in them. Over time they become overfilled with important and not so important things that we use every day or that we believe we might use one day. Just to make sure that no valuable possessions or documents are lost when you junk your car, take your time and look around really well in the various compartments that might have been used as storage for a while.


What to look for in a Junk Car Removal Company

Finally, you have come to the conclusion that the car that has served you well has come to the point where it is going to cost more to fix than the car is worth. And you decide that is time to let it go. But how do you find a reputable company that is going to pay you what your car is worth? Here is a small guide to help you find the RIGHT Junk Car Removal Company.
Deal With A Local Company
Before you answer any of their questions find out if they are a local company. Dealing with a local company will not only help your local economy but will assure you that they cover your area, and that you are not going to waste your time answering questions for a meaningless quote just to be told at the end that they don’t cover your area. Plus you will most likely get the most cash for your car since they will be able to offer a better price because of the lower transportation costs.